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RAID Data Recovery is a complex process that requires significant amount of knowledge of all kinds of RAID algorithms (RAID 1, RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 10, RAID 01, and RAID 6) and vast experience to solve complex RAID disasters to regain lost data.

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  • Submit / Ship Crashed RAID Storage to Disk Doctors.
  • Get a detailed no obligation free evalution and firm recovery quote.
  • Get recovered data in as little as 24-48 hours.

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Cheer Up Friends; because at Disk Doctors....

"At Disk Doctors, our amazing RAID Recovery Technology can restore hopelessly failed RAIDs experiencing multiple drive failures… even when other so-called 'experts' have given up and thrown in the towel – To help you get back to doing what you do the best… Running Your Business."

Recovering data from RAIDs with lost volumes, inaccessible logical drives, lost RAID configuration or any other logically failure is no brainer at DISK DOCTORS... Our real expertise is geared recovering RAIDs experiencing multiple drive failures…. with drives utterly damaged by electrical surges, corrupt firmware, toasted controller boards, bad motors, crashed read/write heads, water, and fire… Best of all, you get to receive highly qualified recovery service… fast results… without risking a dime....

From the Desk of RAID Recovery Wizard...

Dear RAID Crashers

… if RAID storage failure has knocked the wind out of your business sails… halting your projects… pushing it to the edge of disaster… making you pull your hair in extreme frustration … then definitely getting "professional help" (no rookies) is the best "act of kindness" that you can show to yourself.

... If any of the above sounds familiar, then you have landed at the best place today to secure most qualified professional help...

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You're about to discover why Disk Doctors stands out compare to most other data recovery establishments... what sets us apart... and how we can outperform most of the competition with ease...

  • We have been rescuing data from failed drives and RAID storages since 1991... and that means you will be served by most reliable and well rounded company equipped with two decades of experience and knowledge base, ready to tackle complex RAID storage disasters head on. We have seen everything that could go wrong with any type of RAID storage device and know the remedies to fix the problems… and regain valuable data in record time. You can rest easy knowing you're dealing with an industry leader that's been routinely rescuing lives… jobs... and entire businesses from devastating data losses.
  • RAID recovery unit's recovery capabilities are among the top 1% in the market. There are dozens of major manufacturers of RAID controllers; each applies unique algorithms to write / stripe data in different types of RAID arrays. We have a team of engineers who understand these algorithms inside out... have deep understanding of RAID-0,1,5,6,10 and other non-conventional configurations for that matter… and can easily reconstruct RAID arrays virtually using the member drives of a failed raid… without the help of parent controller cards… using highly advanced tools developed only for in-lab use.We can rescue your mission critical data from failed RAID arrays when others have thrown in the towel.
  • Your failed RAID will be in the hands of most experienced people in area of RAID recovery...who have full command not only on legacy drives, RAID storages, tape backups… but also on all types of latest drives… and the most advanced 226 hard drive Fiber Channel RAID 6 data storage be it SAN, NAS or DAS. We know what could go wrong with these devices and how to fix them quickly.You can simply hand over any kind of drive and be 100% confident that we'll take care of it.
  • Your corrupt partitions or RAID volumes could be recovered by the folks who know all major file system algorithms inside out…including Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX file systems and their various flavors... No matter what is wrong with your logical drives on a RAID storage system,we can debug any type of F.S corruption and restore your valuable data.
  • A famous destination to get Authentic Second Opinion… failed RAID storageswhich had been attempted by others unsuccessfully end up with us quite often... And we love such cases to demonstrate our capabilities with a very high success rate. Such circumstances arise when failed RAID drives are in rookie hands in the first round of recovery… not well versed to handle complex issues. And when you bring it to us…you get not only an authentic second opinion… but data as well in most cases.
  • We are one of the highest recommended and searched for RAID recovery service provider… There are well over 50,000 unpaid searches each month just on Google looking for "Disk Doctor" and "Disk Doctors"... Search volume on Yahoo and Bing (MSN) is also significant… That simply enforces the belief that you are dealing with a well reputed company…who knows what she does… and serve you with best possible data recovery practices.
  • With each increase in size, hard drives architecture became more complex… and so did their problems… and fixes along with them. At Disk Doctors we have dedicated small research section that is always busy watching out for upcoming challenges in data storage devices… finding solutions… and continuously upgrading our knowledgebase… and readying our data recovery engineers to welcome new challenges with a big smile…with the ultimate goal of serving you with razor sharp recovery skills.
  • Disk Doctors' has deployed number of highly sophisticated special purpose RAID data recovery techniques… designed ONLY for internal use… enabling our engineers to finish complex tasks with ease and in record time…helping lower the recovery costs… and letting our customer to regain their vital data in shortest possible time.
  • We offer outstanding recovery capabilities on the fly… We can recover mainstream and proprietary file system with our eyes closed… handle any failed RAID storage and virtual machines with out any trouble... As oppose to Disk Doctors, 99% of data recovery service providers do not have File System Experts on their staff at all... mostly rely on off the shelf recovery software… Their expertise goes as far as the software capabilities they use… Any challenge outside the set parameters of recovery software is beyond their reach…
  • There are hardly few others who can match our capabilities in the area of data recovery software utilities. Disk Doctors have a dedicated team of File System Experts… a unique quality associated to only handful of data recovery companies. R & D division is always gathering data about never ending logical problems… that arise in different types of file system under extreme data loads… or in result of virus activity… or by improper handling of data volumes… continuously developing finest solutions to address such issues… and always helping to keep our data recovery services division ahead of the curve...with the objective of serving you with cutting edge recovery tools.

    How do we know it? Because, we are the well known go-to guys in this industry… And when non-pros hit the wall… they come to Daddy. On the contrary, any time we face a fresh challenge on logical front, our software division immediately takes over and writes the code to address it… and at the same time updates all the tools that we use internally… keeping our team ahead of the curve to serve our clients with most advanced tech.

Here's what I've got for you... When individuals and enterprise users need a reliable, fast, technologically advanced, and yet affordable data recovery solutions; they have chosen "DISK DOCTORS" repeatedly.

Being a manufacture of dozens of highly sophisticated data recovery utilities used successfully by thousands of geeks, techies and data recovery companies around the globe clearly demonstrates our ability to outperform 99% of the data recovery companies who rely mostly off the shelf data recovery tools manufactured mostly by us.

Our R&D in this area is the key that keeps our data recovery service department ahead of the curve. We deploy number of secret techniques in our recovery labs developed solely for in-house use to address even those rare problems about which 99% of data recovery companies have no solution, giving us unique advantage over competition.

We can restore drives where others fail with ease… by deploying two decades of data recovery experience… deep knowledge of extremely effective yet highly guarded data recovery techniques… faster than most…. and yet at extremely competitive price."

We have successfully saved thousands of businesses from complete ruin by restoring their valuable data that they thought was lost forever. We can do same for you. By working with DISK DOCTORS you not only increase your odds of actually getting your data recovered many folds, but also get it done lot faster and yet at unbeatable price.

Here is a small sample of satisfied customers… and what they say about us.

Should we need help again for a similar situation, we will choose Disk Doctors.

We would like to express our satisfaction and gratitude to Disk Doctors for their excellent service in recovering our data from our failed RAID5 unit.

When our RAID failed, the daily research of our group ground to a halt. We needed immediate help. First, we had to find out if it was even possible to get our data back and if so, at what cost? We searched the internet and got recommendations within the university that led us to the company receiving the most recognition and many references considered to be the "experts". It was Disk Doctors. Disk Doctors promised there would be no charge if the data was not 100% fully recovered. Other companies quoted a minimum charge of at least $500 to just look at the RAID unit and their estimates started at $2,900!

Soon after we sent our RAID to Disk Doctors, they got back to us with a very reasonable quote. They told us that it was highly likely they would be able to restore all of our data. We signed the contract with Disk Doctors with confidence because it clearly stated that there is "no charge if the data is not 100% recovered within the period of time stated in the quote". Disk Doctors was able to fulfill their promise and recovered and returned all of our data before their own deadline. Our whole research team was overjoyed to get back on track with our research without spending weeks trying to reconstruct what had been lost.

In reviewing the whole process, all of us agree that we really made the right choice to have Disk Doctors to help us. With Disk Doctor, we felt safe because our decisions were always under our control and we always knew what would happen because they kept us updated as to the status of the recovery.

Should we need help again for a similar situation, we will choose Disk Doctors. We will highly recommend Disk Doctors to other groups at the University if they need any help for disc drive recovery.

Deborah M.
Aerospace Engineering Science Department University of Colorado
Boulder, CO, 80309

I can honestly recommend Disk Doctors Labs Inc. as the place to go for (RAID) data recovery.

Our company had a series of failures happen all on one particular day. First, the complete drive containing corporate financial information was deleted, as we began to try a simple recovery the second problem arose- the RAID controller began to fail and we lost the logical array. As we were trying to then just make an image of the drive, the drive began to quit on us, at random! We were at a loss of what to do. We contacted Disk Doctors Labs online near 10:30 pm and described the problem to them. They replied soon thereafter - and we arranged to bring our drives in the following day to the Alexandria VA office. The next day we took the drives to their offices and dropped them off. We were told that the assessment was free (and it was). Within 4 hours we had an assessment an quote for the recovery - which included a money back guarantee if we were not satisfied - and not payment due until delivery and our satisfaction. We opted for the most expensive "Emergency Service" and were told it could take up to 2 days.

It took only 24 hours!

Before we picked up the drives and recovered data Disk Doctors called us several times- to verify what type of service we wanted, and to make sure we knew of the charges involved, to provide us with a list of files recovered and to make sure everything was working to our satisfaction. At no point did we feel pressured, we always felt like we were being taken care of. They even responded immediately to our phone calls when the corporate executives wanted updates at odd times.

Finally, Ms. Shamim was our final point of contact as Disk Doctors, she is professional, skilled and has excellent customer relation skills. She responded quickly to my concerns and questions and was willing to spend time with me when looking at the files.

As the CTO of a corporation I can honestly recommend Disk Doctors Labs Inc. as the place to go for data recovery, if you want timely service, at reasonable rates, done in a professional manner, and with courtesy.

Thank you,

Derek F.
Chief Technology Officer / TCA

We will highly recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you very much for the recovery of RAID 5 array. Two drives failed on that unit at the same time and it put us in difficult position. You gave us updates on the recovery, and were also able to expedite the recovery as well. We will highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again for all of your help.

J. Moos
Global Systems / Network Administrator
[email protected]

Disk Doctors were able to quickly respond to our needs and to arrange for an overnight data recovery, even on Christmas Eve.

Thank you for your quick and efficient response to our call after our server had crashed. Disk Doctors were able to quickly respond to our needs and to arrange for an overnight data recovery, even on Christmas Eve. We are very grateful for the quick turn-around time and the full delivery of all critical data as promised. Thanks to you we suffered no data loss and no down time. You and your team went beyond the call of duty to assist us.

Ken Wilson
Attorney at Law"
DB Associates

I am extremely pleased with not only the results but the caliber of staff members you have working in your lab here…

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it has been do business with your company in particular the staff from Columbia, MD lab. They were very personable and helpful, patiently worked through my hard disk crash and provided me with the most excellent service possible. Although my "catastrophic" crash might not rank up there with big business, I am sole proprietor of a SOHO and loss of my data would have meant literally everything to me. Your folks at Columbia not only recovered my files but did so in timely manner while making it a delight to work with them. I am extremely pleased with not only the results but the caliber of staff members you have working in your lab here.

Sam Chenoweth
C Gems

I want to thank you for saving my data and many hours of my work.

After my computer crashed I handed it over to my IT dept. They were not able to recover any data and I had a lot of data on the computer that was not backed up. Disk Doctors was able to miraculously get be ALL my data that I urgently needed for a customer engagement… and that too in just a few days.

I hope my computer never crashes on me again, and if it does I hope to have my data backed up. However, I know that sometime in life I will be back in the same situation and I know who to turn to.

I am a customer for life and would be happy to refer you to anyone unfortunate enough to have lost a lot of their data. In fact, I have already given your information to my IT dept.

Thank you
Retail Solutions

Thank you for being so pleasant to deal with…

I am, so far, successfully and happily accessing the data recovered from the crashed laptop disk. It has already saved me time at work today not having to redraft two documents.

Assuming that my partner accesses the info as well, we are very pleased with the data recovery you were able to do.

I want to say that you and your folks were VERY pleasant to deal with, and very prompt in the work and in sending the data back to me. I have told those here at WVU who tried to help me with the disk problem about your company, the good work, and most importantly, your very courteous people. Computer problems for me are usually simply painful -- you have provided me with a breath of fresh air, not to mention my family pictures, which are invaluable!

Thank you for being so pleasant to deal with.

Mary J. Walker. / Ph. D.

The expertise that you and your team brought to the situation was extraordinary…

Thank you for all of your help in this matter. The expertise that you and your team brought to the situation was extraordinary. I appreciate the direction, the calm approach and the methodical nature in which you handled our problem.

Bill Clark
Manager CIT
MC Corporation

DISK DOCTORS is prompt and hard working, get the job done and have good customer support…

I had a wonderful experience with DISK DOCTORS. I had an SD card with pictures from my vacation that were lost. DISK DOCTORS was able to retrieve the pictures. It meant a lot since they are irreplaceable. When the work was done, I got the picture CD the next day. DISK DOCTORS is prompt and hard working, get the job done and have good customer support. Thank you for saving my pics!

Hasan Mansouri

You're a life saver!

We want to thank you work you did in recovering the data from our damaged hard drive. You're a life saver! You did a very effective job very quickly, recovered all the data, and made the whole process simple and painless for us.

We will certainly use your services in the future (for any other clients that choose to implement sloppy backup procedures) and recommend your firm to our colleagues.


M. Wheatley
Silicon Valley Systems

Here's what you need to do now... If you want your crucial data to appear on your computer screen ever again… then DIY thoughts definitely be curbed… and option of having rookies to tinker with your drive ought to be ruled out. You must seek professional help; and that includes only well established and reputed data recovery companies with a proven track record. And just by landing on this page you are already a step closer to getting your data back.

It is easy to get the recovery ball rolling. Just fill out the small service form at the bottom of this page… take its print out, bring or ship it along with the faulty drive to our lab… to receive free drive analysis & recovery quote… And with your approval of quote, we will move ahead with the actual recovery procedures… and get your data back in your hands in no time.

Absolutely No Charge

If We Are Unable to Recover Failed RAID

Look dear, the only time we ask you to take out your wallet is when we have successfully recovered your case when we could not yield desired results even after investing hundreds of dollars on drive parts and spending days of hard labor on your case… as oppose to most others competitors, we will not charge you a single dime.

We will not charge you any drive analysis fee ($100-$250 drive analysis fee)… or non-refundable minimum service fee ($150 - $2000 min. service fee based on the project size as many others do).

Moreover, in the instance when recovered data does not include that particular file or folder that you required, you are free to reject the recovery results and walk away without paying a penny to DISK DOCTORS. You do not risk anything when working with DISK DOCTORS.

The only reason we are sticking our neck out for you is because we are 100% confidant in our team's skills... and know that we can recover the data in more than 90% of the drive failure cases… and if we are not able to recover your data due to some reasons, then probably no one else can.

My Friend...if drive crash is slowing you down… then definitely getting professional help (no rookies) is the best idea… and DISK DOCTORS should be your first stop to secure such help.

If you procrastinate or do nothing, then the simple outcome is hair pulling frustration and loss of time, money and human resources. Honestly, data recovery service is an expensive option; but not opting for it is down right deadly for a business.

Good news is… You are just a step away from the path of experiencing pre-crash era peace of mind again... Just imagine how you'll feel… to finally have recovered data back in your hands…. being displayed on your monitor… helping you to resume halted operations… enabling you to do what you did best… i.e. to run your business and start making money again.

Over the past two decades we have literally brought thousands of businesses back from the brink of disaster… and we can pull off the same miracle for you as well.

"Here's the deal"... If you ship your crashed drive in our direction within next 24 hours, I will personally make sure that we pick up the shipping tab both ways.

Two easy steps to put the 'failed RAID' into 'recovery gear'…

1. Simply scroll to the top of this page, and fill out the short "Service Form"… Then hit the "Submit" button…

2. Package failed media with at least three inch cushion all around it… snuggly fit it into a box… and drop it off at nearest FedEx or Kinko's.

And that is all you need to do on your end.

Upon receiving RAID drive at our lab… media analysis will be conducted… and a ‘no-risk' firm recovery quote will be email to you for your review and approval. No further action will be taken without your explicit approval of the recovery quote.

"This is a straight forward deal."... There is zero obligation or risk by doing so; as we are not asking for a dime until we come back with positive results. What could be more reasonable than that?

Now My Dear -- It is Time for you to pull the trigger... fill out the small service order at the top… and ship out the failed drive our way…

Best Regards,

Super Doc.

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