Seagate ST2000DM001 not working. Is it a Mechanical or PCB failure?

I have a 2TB Seagate hard drive which is not being recognized by my desktop computer. The model number is Seagate ST2000DM001. This problem started to happen after recently receiving a Window System Error of Unknown Hard drive. I restarted my computer and it was no longer booting back to windows. I unplugged my hard and installed it onto an external enclosure and tried to detect it by connecting to a different computer. I was unable to detect the hard drive and on the other hand my faulty drive was also preventing other drives from being detected. The drive is spinning perfectly without unusual sounds. I want to know either it is a Mechanical problem or PCB failure? I have also ordered a TTL adapter to test my hard drive. My data in it is very important and have no backup at all. I need solutions to recover my critical data from it.


Most likely it is not a ‘Do-It-yourself’ job if your data is very important. Please to do not try to input commands by TTL adapter into your hard drive as you may loose all your data or make it very difficult to recover. Using TTL adapter without proper information might cause more damages to your drive.

According to the situation mentioned, your hard drive is neither facing any mechanical problem or even a PCB failure. Firmware issues are quite common in most of the Seagate hard drive models including Seagate ST2000DM001 and most likely it is the same issue with yours hard drive. If a firmware issue is confirmed, it would be easy to fix for someone having professional repair tools like PC3000. Most of the data recovery firms can fix this problem and recover your data in no time by using PC3000. Search for the best data recovery specialists in your city and let them examine your hard drive rather than applying ‘Do-it-Yourself’. Your data is recoverable and only a data recovery expert can recover it by use of professional tools.

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Customer Reviews

Thanks for your help. I was able to successfully restore many critical files from a corrupted hard disk. Your product saved me a great deal of time and trouble. Thank Your Very Much!
David Sauer

I wanted to extend my ultimate gratitude and thanks to you and your team. Not only did your company recover the data quickly and at half the price of other companies, everything was recovered and our office is back on track after the NAS failure. I really appreciate a company doing its business so well as Disk Doctors did; and will definitely sing your praises for all to hear. Excellent customer service all around. Thank you again!
Skylar Stoleson
Director IT

Many special thanks for your support in getting my drive issues handled. I am able to access all the files that were recovered. You guys are great!

I thought I was missing a folder until I realized I was searching under the wrong folder name.
I am happy! We are good and all is well!

Thank you.

Alice Arthur
Minister, Motivational Speaker
What do you do when a power surge destroys your hard drive and you loose hundreds of hours of work, irreplaceable images, and your ability to complete jobs for clients with looming deadlines?  My first instinct was to cry, then scream.  My IT manager tried and failed to recover my data and recommended that I try a disaster recovery service. We went on line and called several companies, and when we reached the Disk Doctors, we knew we had found a company that could help us.  I delivered my toasted hard drive to their Vancouver location late in the afternoon and by 6:30 am the following morning a representative had emailed me with a reassuring message and time line for the work.  The following Friday I received one of the happiest calls of my life. My data had been completely recovered.  I cried and screamed again, this time with joy!  Over the last two days I have been thrilled, delighted, relieved, overjoyed and reassured by the fact that ALL MY DATA is once again accessible. Disk Doctors are now on my top-persons list and I am telling all of my colleagues about their services!!!

Thank you!
Sandy McKellar, B.Sc. (Forestry)
My hard drive crashed leaving me without my critical financial information and research that is crucial to my business. After checking various vendors on the Internet, I chose Disk Doctor Labs because of their level of service, and they far exceeded my expectations. Aziz Mirza, the manager of Disk Doctor Labs in Norcross, GA, personally took charge of my account, quickly fixed the problems and returned my restored files within a week on a hard drive that I could return for an account credit. Throughout the process, Disk Doctor Labs kept me informed, responded quickly to my calls and delivered my lost files quickly, efficiently and at an extremely fair price. I recommend them unequivocally.

Thank you!
Bruce Butterfield President The Forbes Group Vienna, VA and Chicago, IL

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