About Us


Disk Doctors has been offering professional data recovery solutions for more than two decades. Today, Disk Doctors is definitely the global pioneer in data recovery solutions and offers the easiest, most dependable and efficient data recovery support.

Knowing the significance of digital data as well as the impact of data loss on a business operation or an individuals valuable data, our objective would be to enhance the possibilities of an effective data recovery while providing best customer care experience.

Why Choose Us?

At Disk Doctors, rescuing data from hard disk drives, RAID arrays, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and memory sticks / chips etc. is a daily routine. Let’s see what our customers have to say about Disk Doctors?

Disk Doctors manages to recover data from damaged, corrupted and dropped drives in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, our specialists can efficiently retrieve data from almost all failed storage devices of every operating system. Our firm is recommended and approved by numerous top computer and storage media manufacturers.

Disk Doctor invests large slice of revenues towards data recovery R&D to investigate ever evolving data storage problems and to figure out cost-effective remedies. This has enabled us to consistently solve data loss cases that are rejected by other recovery providers.

Disk Doctors engineers are the best in the market of logical and physical data recovery. Skilled and honored with best certifications, they can efficiently retrieve missing data from all of the protected hard disks and peripheral devices; and continues to meet the expectations of variety of customers.

Disk Doctors successes are renowned and have obtained massive coverage across the world. Our satisfied clients contain banking companies, health care suppliers, educational institutions, government departments, small enterprises, artists, pupils and maybe some of your friends!

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