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At Disk Doctor Labs we have excelled by miles in developing various techniques which requires intensive research. When compared to our competitors who mainly rely on some of the known software and basic hardware techniques to recover data, these researches have helped our data recovery technicians to develop solutions which has improved the quality of data recovery services offered by us.

Due to our continuous research and development we have developed various path breaking technologies which have made some of the impossible data recovery cases possible and we have been able to recover data up to the satisfaction of our customers.

Some of the area’s where we have excelled much ahead in Data Recovery and Forensics Domain are:

  1. Secure replica creation – secure replica creation is a basic process which has to be applied before commencing any recovery job, we have developed techniques to clone hard drives, striped drives or drives with parity information. Our advanced secure replica creation process involves some of the unique techniques where we are able to replicate drives with huge number of bad sectors, loosing retention power and some other known/unknown physical issues of hard drives.

  2. RAID Recovery - Research and development team are able to develop a solution where Disk Doctors Lab Inc. will be able to de-stripe raid servers (raid 5, and raid 0) with out the help of original controller card (most of the cases). We now can reconstruct the parity information even when raid is in degraded mode.

  3. NAS Recovery – With the combination of the above two solutions and added support for working with various NAS protocols such as NFS & CIFS we have developed the best NAS data recovery solution.

  4. File Recovery from various file types – For a very long period our research team has been working on various file types and have innovated techniques to recover critical data out of them, some of the file types which we have specialized are DOC, XLS, PPT, MDB, DBF, DWG, DBX, PST, OST, NSF, PDF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, JPEG, MP3 and many other file types.

  5. UNIX Data Recovery – We have the industry specialization in this field, where the number of file systems and the operating systems supported by us exceeds with any of our competition. We have in-depth knowledge of the file systems and recovery techniques of this huge family of operating system. Some of the operating system we have expertise are: SCO Open Server, SCO UnixWare, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, BSD (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) and any other UNIX platform.

  6. MAC Data Recovery – Apple Mac has always been the most elite group of personal computers, the knowledge of the file system of Mac OS and recovery cases we have performed would outrace any of our competitors in terms of understanding of the HFS or HFS+ file system recovery.


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