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Jan. 5 2004:
Research and development Team announces today that they are able to develop a software program which will allow Disk Doctors Lab engineers to fix a Typical Failure in Quantum Plus AS drives. There are two major problem with these drives.

  1. When power up these drives, they will produce a knocking sound and after a while they just died down or power down.
  2. When power up these drives will seek normally, but will not initialize itself in the bios, or if they sometime do initializes in the bios , will not work at all.

Main problem for these drives are their firmware modules corruption. So this utility will enable Disk Doctors Lab data recovery engineers To fix them quickly.

Jan. 10 2004:
When you forget the Hard drive password, you may think it is impossible to get the data out. Think again... Now the R&D department at Disk Doctor Labs Inc. comes up with a utility to unlock the password protected hard drives. Most of the drives which are password protected belong to laptops. IBM ThinkPad, Toshiba and Dell. If you have any drive you want to unlock, to do data recovery, just give us a call, and we at Disk Doctors Lab Inc. will HELP you Right away.

FEB. 19 2004:
One more good news for our clients and every body. We got the solution to Diamond Max Plus 8 drives. The data recovery is now possible from these drives . Thanks to R&D department. Some Maxtor drives belonging to this family ( mainly 20GB and 40GB )becomes undetectable in bios, ( you see N40P in the bios instead of drive's model # like 6EO40LO) Causing system unable to boot from it thus preventing you to get your data. Please call us at Disk Doctors Data Recovery Labs, To get back you lost data.

April. 12 2004:
Research and development team are able to develop an application where Disk Doctors Lab Inc. will be able to destripe raid servers ( raid 5, and raid 0 ) with out the help of original controller card.( most of the cases). we can now reconstruct the raid parity even if the raid is in degraded mode. Research and development team is still working on this project to make it as fine tune as possible.

Sep. 15 2004:
Disk Doctors Lab Inc. Targets Europe and south east Asia For Growth in Data Recovery Market:

Disk Doctors lab inc. Having 11 labs in USA has decided to expand into Europeans market.
Disk Doctors specializes in data recovery from damaged media,( hard drives, laptop hard drives, raid servers and tapes ) mainly focusing on enterprise media such as RAID Servers, Tapes media and providing competitive prices. Disk Doctors is also establishing partnership with small data recovery companies around the world. Disk Doctors says that : Partners act only as facilitators, as when it comes to dealing with data loss of any kind, whether it is a hard drive, laptop drive , or raid server and tape media, we are the Disk Doctors. Typically, partners will make pretty good percentages on the projects.

Oct. 2004:
Disk Doctors lab Inc. happy to announce to open another full service lab in Washington. This lab will serve our clients from Washington and surrounding states:

Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
2018 156th Avenue NE.
Suite - 247
Bellevue, WA 98007

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