Lacie Raid Recovery

Lacie BigDisk is designed to satisfy the sharing and backup needs of a small office environment. It is especially popular among Mac users. Lacie drives come in different configurations, e.g. RAID5, RAID0, RAID1, RAID10 and JBOD. Lacie drives are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems but most of the drives that are in use are formatted for Macs.

Disk Doctors have experience in recovering data from all these configurations. Our R&D team has developed tools to recreate any RAID configuration from failed Lacie storage systems; and recover data from any file system hosted on these.

To recover data from all the below mentioned cases we follow a standardized data recovery process in all our data recovery labs across the globe.

  • Failure of RAID controller or change in the RAID configuration.
  • Two or more hard drives fail or go offline
  • Server crashes and fails to mount volumes / partitions
  • Addition of incompatible hard drives to the array
  • Hardware / Software malfunction
  • Virus infection, software and operating system upgrades
  • RAID 0 - Stripe Set without parity
  • RAID 1 - Mirroring / Duplexing
  • RAID 5 - Stripe Set with parity
  • Other RAID combinations such as RAID 0 +1, RAID 5+0, RAID 5+1 etc.
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