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Sun Solaris Data Recovery Services
Sun Solaris Recovery

If you are suffering data loss on any Sun Solaris based Operating System, and there is a need to recover lost critical data, our specialized technicians can help you by providing Sun Solaris data recovery services. Our specialized technicians are having rich experience in recovering lost data from Sun Solaris platform successfully.

Supported Sun Solaris File Systems : UFS

Sun Solaris Data Recovery Process

Initial diagnosis process starts with either filling an online Sun Solaris data recovery form or our customer service representative asking you certain questions which are needed to understand the exact cause for the data loss or failure and what efforts we need to put in to recover your precious data.

Only upon your approval to commence the recovery job will begin. Depending on the extent of the failure of the storage media, our technicians may have to replace failed or damaged components or work on the storage media in our Class 100 Clean Room.

To get your data back they will use specialized process that requires the right software, hardware and advanced techniques, all the state-of-the-art technology and techniques gained by us in over 16 years in data recovery services business.

The recovery would be done in standard manner for regular jobs, however if you need to avail any our extended services to expedite the recovery process then you may choose the one. Once data has been recovered successfully we will return it to you on whatever media you want. Be it on a CD-ROM, DVD, another hard drive, FTP or emailed; you will get the data in the format you need it in to restore it to a new hard drive.

Once you have received the data we are always available for any query or advice you might require to restore data back the way you want it, for issues related to Sun Solaris Recovery or for data recovery process you can call us at - 1.800.347.5377

As one of the world's widest and most accepted data recovery company, Disk Doctor Labs is committed to provide you quality customer service, professional and expert Sun Solaris data recovery services you need to help recovering your critical data and to get your business up and running quickly. we deeply are committed to the policy of No Recovery, No Charge.

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Supported Versions & Architecture

Solaris version 2.x, 7, 8, 9, 10
Supported Hardware Architecture
SPARC, x86, AMD, Power PC

Other Supported Operating Systems

Windows - All versions
UNIX, Linux, BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)
DOS and Others


Supported Data Loss Situations

Lost or Corrupted MBR, Super Block
Lost or Corrupted Inode Table
Lost or Corrupted VTOC
Software malfunction and Sabotage

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